Did you know, since April of 2014, there have been more than 350 first responder suicides reported across Canada!!!!

This trend needs to stop. Lets do our part to bring awareness to mental health importance among First Responders and help create a new trend! A trend to speak up. A trend to talk. A trend to seek help!

We have organized a 50km and 100km bike ride around Oxford County, starting and finishing in Woodstock. And coming in June 2020, we now will offer a Family Fun Ride with a distance of 14km. 

In 2016 we chose to donate our proceeds to the #IVEGOTYOURBACK911 campaign. We were happy to make a donation of $6,000.00. 

In 2017 we chose the Tema Conter's "Peer Support and Family Assistance Fund to receive our proceeds. A cheque for $17,000 was handed over to Tema Conter Memorial Trust, which sent First Responders financial assistance to help pay for psychologists and psychotherapists. Sean Conohan was a recipient of such funding in 2014. Sean states, "Without the Peer and Family Support Fund, I would not be here today. I would be a statistic. I owe my life to that program and this cause. "


In 2018, we split our proceeds to two different organizations. We were fortunate enough to donate $2,000 to the new Boots on the Ground peer support program. They provide confidential Peer Support 24/7 to First Responders across Ontario. And our second charity of choice, was to Wounded Warriors Canada, donating $15,000 to their Equine Therapy Program.


Last but not least, , we had an individual approach us wanting to design and

create a First Responder quilt to raffle off. We just held the draw for that quilt

in February 2019, and handed over a donation of $2,560.00 to the new

Tema Foundation.


Over the three years, we have donated a

total of $42,560.00 to programs

supporting First Responders and their

mental health  .   

2017 donation.JPG
quilt donation.JPG
2018 donation.JPG

All riders are welcome, you do not need to be a First Responder to join us on the ride. The more the merrier!

Please note, collecting pledges and donations are not mandatory, but ENCOURAGED!! (***Prizes for top three Fundraisers*** Cycling jersey to those that raise a minimum $150.00 donations)

We are honored to have chosen Camp F.A.C.E.S as our 2020 Charity of Choice. Camp F.A.C.E.S has two retreat program for Families and Children of Emergency Services. One retreat is dedicated to families living with a serving or retired member who has been diagnosed with PTSD. The second retreat serves those who have lost a member of their family due to Line of Duty Death, or by suicide. These retreats help to provide families the opportunity to be with others experiencing similar situations. Through the power of peer support, trained personnel and mental health oversight, these families will have the opportunity to share, connect, grow and learn, all while building lifelong friendships

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