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Tanya Hirtz

Founder, President

Tanya has been a Paramedic with Oxford County Paramedic Services (OCPS) for 11 years. Tanya has a passion of Mental Health awareness as strong as her passion for adventure and physical health. In 2016, Tanya decided to align those passions to create the inaugural Medics for Mental Health Bike Ride. The event was such a success that it tripled the expected number of riders, and far exceeded the donation goal, encouraging Tanya to continue this as an annual ride. As founder and driving force behind this great event, Tanya is excited to build on the successes from previous years. In 2018, soon after the 3rd annual M4MH ride, Tanya was diagnosed with PTSD herself. She credits her experience from the bike ride for acknowledging the symptoms and seeking help early on.  This has only encrouaged her even more to pursue this bike ride striving for change and to encourage First Responders to seek the appropriate care, sooner than later!! 

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Tanya Companion

Vice President

Tanya brings to the team a level of volunteer expertise second to none, just coming off a great experience ensuring all the Grey Cup VIP's were at their locations on time and had a great time. She has also gained much experience volunteering with World Cup Soccer, Pan Am games and many more. She works as an EMS communications supervisor and has held both communications officer and supervisor roles for almost 17 years. She always brings an open ear for those in need and is passionate in passing on the message "It's OK to not be OK" to anyone who needs to hear it. Working in emergency services brings a unique group of stressors that all need to recognize. Becoming involved in events such as this, makes it possible for programs to continue for those in need. Although Tanya will not be riding along side of you on ride day, she is going to be your go-to-gal for any and every need you may have. Tanya looks forward to an amazing event and hopes everyone able will participate and have a great time. 

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Allison Simpson

Sponsorship Director

Allison Simpson has been a Primary Care Paramedic for OCPS for 10 years. She was a member of the sponsorship team for Medics for Mental Health in its first year, and this year is excited to take on the role of Sponsorship Director. Not only through her line of work, but also in her personal life, Allison has a close understanding of just how mental health can affect the lives of even the most healthy individuals. To her, this event isn't just a bike ride; it's a part of a large movement to share awareness, help, and hope to our fellow humans affected by mental health. Allison finds this role very rewarding because the sponsorships she gathers will not only help acknowledge many local businesses, but will help fund an epic bike event, which will, in turn, provide mental health awareness as well as a substantial monetary donations to many First Responders in need of help. This role is definitely a win-win-win!

Carrie Lewis

Volunteer Coordinator

Carrie has been an Inspector for the Emergency Health Regulatory and Accountability Branch for 7 years, and an ambulance dispatcher and paramedic spanning 14 years previous to that. Working in the health care system for 19 years, Carrie has witnessed the impact of the job on first responders. Everyone must be mindful of what our police, fire, paramedics, dispatchers and military personal put on the line every day. Carrie actively advocates awareness that surrounds the stigma of mental health and truly believe in our motto that "if we stand together- no one is alone." 

Carrie joins this wonderful group to actively help in a small way and hope for a brighter future full of good mental health conversations!


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